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Mattress Firm
Main address: 5815 Gulf Freeway 77023 Houston TX
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  • 8 hours ago
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Winston Salem, North Carolina
  • Simmons Contender Firm
  • 2

We're on our third mattress from Mattress Firm in less than 18 months. Customer Service hasn't been our problem, (they're nice, but not very knowledgeable), it's the poor quality of the beds. My husband and I are healthy people, yet the first 2 beds caused severe back pain for me while sleeping. The pain would go away less than an hour after waking, but I haven't slept well since getting... Read more

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  • 2 days ago
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Caledonia, Wisconsin
  • Mattress Set
  • 17

We have been married for 51 years so have purchased a few mattress sets through the the years. Never have we had the problem we have had wit our set purchased from mattress firm. We will never go back there. It was ok for several months then started to make loud.noises when u sat on it. Mattress Firm did replace the box spring a few months ago. The new one was good for about a month. Now it is... Read more

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  • Oct 21
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Racine, Wisconsin
  • Defective Mattress
  • 19

went for sale ad, and told they didnt have that one and it was subpar. we tested another mattress, plush they said per manager?owner? and we liked it when we came back to pick it up, another mattress was pro afforded ,a firm, and both sale reps claim its the same one, and to take home and brake it in, and that we could return it after trial peroid. it was a clearence model they discounted to us... Read more

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  • Oct 20
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Other Product
  • 12

The people coming here to bash whatever product or company are nothing but a bunch of bitchy people with nothing better in their lives to do. I work for one of the companies that is being bashed and what I've read couldn't be further from the truth. People are mad because they made a poor decision or because they can't afford the stuff they bought now they want to take it out on businesses and... Read more

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  • Oct 20
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Houston, Texas
  • Poor Quality Mattress
  • 14

I hate hate ! This mattress we spent 3000 on a piece of *** I get the worst night sleep ever since we bought this mattress. we exchanged it for different mattress which cost me 900 more that mattress was horrible we send it back got this same mattress back because we either have to go cheaper I'm not a satisfied customer I will never shop at Mattress Firm ever again. I would not even give this... Read more

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  • Oct 14
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Positive Experience
  • 28

No problem so far with them. I was fully aware of the contract. I bought a mattress for 878 which also was a head board and side rails. My payments were to come out biweekly. My first payment was 61. So after first payment I called and told them to start taking 150 biweekly, which they are doing. I have 2 more payments of 150 and the last payment will be like 217. JUST BUY WHAT U CAN AFFORD TO... Read more

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  • Oct 13
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Sagging Mattress
  • 40

We bought a Sterns And Foster set (Joy) 1 year ago and it's has a slight sagging on edge. You can see a dip. It's the second one that did this. Your rep measured for the depth of the sagging and it measured 1-1/4 inches.Costs us 25.00 for this . It had to measure. 1.5 before they would make it good. . What will it be in 1 more year ? Just wanted you to know , I and anyone I know will not buy... Read more

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  • Oct 10
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Poor Quality Mattress
  • 64

Mattress Firm's push line is the high-margin foam beds, the name that starts with a "T". I was suckered into wasting money on one of these and why I say "waste", is because there are a million other more cost efficient products out there if only you take the time to shop and not listen to the hype. The delivery is contract and poor quality. No professionalism or courtesy. From what I've read... Read more

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Paid for mattress and then canceled 2 hrs later This was 9-17-14. Today is 10-3-14 and still don't have my money back Add comment


  • Sep 27
  • Footwear and Clothing
  • Douglasville, Georgia
  • Defective Mattress Pad
  • 98

I bought a tempura edict base and a mattress from Mattress Firm in is September 2014, the base is broken and the mattress is sagging. The tech came out to check our base told us it was broken, that has been a week ago, still nothing done about it. We are 67 years old and my husband has had 2 strokes and a heart attack also needs back surgery, but they could care less. Also on... Read more

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