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I purchased an icomfort mattress from mattress Firm in Woodstock Square. It was a nightmare from the start.? I was not Satisfied the total price advertised and contacted consumer protection with no results.

I had sever back discomfort with the mattress after a few days and reported it to the sales rep. And was told to give it 6 weeks and walk on the mattress to break it in, and if that didn’t work they would allow me to trade it in for another. I was also told that I had up to 6 months to trade it in. I called on 9/24/ 2018 and was told to come in and try another mattress.

I tried three mattresses of which one was a medium firm mattress as the one I had. I liked the softer mattress, but was told that I would have to pay 7 hundred more dollars. I left stuck with their product backed by lies.

They are crooks and liars. Please beware of their scemes and tricks, it is all in the name of money....they must not understand karma!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mattress Firm Serta Mattress Trade-In.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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In the interests of good customer service, should have received a Full refund and a Free mattress. They could have been generous.

But NO, they had to RIP off the customer to make $$$$ money!!!

Never use this company again!!!!!! Now have to go see my therapists and have my prescription of crazy pills refilled again:-(


If you want an upgrade, there is a cost difference. You can't just swap your mattress to a more expensive mattress and expect to not pay for it. There is nothing deceitful about it.


This coming is now facing bankruptcy Google Mattress Firm bankruptcy. Karma? I called it justice.

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