White Settlement, Texas
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I wonder how the employee that beat me out of my hard earned money can lie down and go to sleep at night. You have to be one sleazy human being to even want to work a job where the main goal is to rip them off.

I made a point to tell the salesidiot that I wanted a mattress that stayed cool as the old mattress at home had begun getting hot. He let me try out one that seemed to be cool, but the one sent out to my house gets so hot I have to sleep on a pad laid on top of it.

I cannot imagine how anyone can look you right in the eye and lie so convincingly just to take your money. I am sure bad things will come to him, hope I get to witness some of it I want some joy for all the money he beat me out of.

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Westville, New Jersey, United States #659145

How was he supposed to know that you were overweight and sweat like a *** in church?

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