mattress was bought for my mentally challenged son lasted for three months,paid 150. for mattress,sages in middle lumps in it not a good product at all.will blog every web site until your company can do something about this,'you think you take pride it your product. poor salemenship on your part. i see where there are alot of complaints,and have contacted some of these people,so we can bring action against your company.it seems to me you have screw alot of people and wont stand behind your product'i will not stop trying to get things done ion a legal manner, not that i will try i will! take that to the bank. my name is don champion 1075 mango dr casselberry fla.32707 phone no. 407-309-0550

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Why don't you spend some of his money and buy him a good mattress,$150.00 is what most dog beds go for. Oh wait let me guess you can't afford a good one but you have a computer, cell phone and home phone.

Probably smoke too don't you.

Someone should file a class action against you. $150.00 geez louis.


Take that mattress outside right away... CHECK FOR "BEDBUGS"...

Their epedemic has been growing and growing extremely BAD in Milwaukee.

:eek Seriously, check the mattress over ASAP... or if you are itching any red marks...BURN IT !


not sure what u expected from 150.00 mattress. if your so concerned for your boy try spending a little money

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