I purchased a mattress and boxspring from a local Mattress Firm store the other day and was told I could pick up the mattress that day or the next day at their warehouse which was local as well. I waited until the next day to pick up the mattress and drove to the warehouse.

Upon arriving at the warehouse, I was greeted by people who were very unprofessional and acted as if they could care less if they helped me or not. They moped around and were in absolutely no hurry at all to do their jobs. I drove around to the back of the warehouse to pick up my items and almost immediately they brought the boxspring out to me. I waited and waited and waited for the mattress and finally an employee came up and said they couldn't find the mattress. I couldn't believe they lost something the size of a mattress but apparently they did. The warehouse was a complete mess as well so it's no wonder the mattress was lost, or stolen, who knows.

Now I'm being told they wont get another shipment in until Friday, six days from now. I inquired about getting my money back and of course, it will take 7 days to process that. The money comes out of my account immediately when I make the purchase but it takes 7 days to process a refund.

Now I'm waiting and I'm not even sure I'm going to get the mattress I ordered at all. I'm getting more and more peeved by the minute!


Monetary Loss: $709.

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