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I bought four mattresses from Mattress Firm. They delivered a Sealy Mattress that was clearly defective with a big bulge in the middle.

They agreed to replace it and made me wait another three hours in addition to the original three hours for the first delivery. They then delivered a second defective Sealy Mattress with a bulge on the side. They deliver defective products and hope you don't notice. Once they get your money watch out because they trap you and make it impossible to actually get mattresses returned without unbelievable hassle.

Don't trust this company anymore than you would a used car salesman.

They make promises and then do not perform. Watch out and find a different company.

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It is mind boggling how *** some people can be. Why not inspect your mattress before purchasing it since it was a CLEARANCE ITEM!!!

They only carry clearance in a clearance store and they are supposed to tell you that it is pre-owned and it might have scuff marks and other cosmetic issues.

Oh no, please don't get all activist by posting on social sites.....c'mon. I left sales (cars) for a reason but the ignorance of the customer is astonishing sometimes.


Soura V, why would you buy such a bed?


You guys are the worse and biggest upset!!!!....I went a bought a bed...they made me aware that all clearance is final-they left out the part that the beds are used-So i paid $1000 for a used bed that has bulges, dents and a hole!! I called them to let them know and the guy told me we told you that everything is final no refund no return no exchange....HOW DO YALL EXPECT TO STAY IN BUSINESS???? *** SALES PEOPLE WILL SAY WHATEVER TO GET THEIR COMMISSION.....KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO AND YOUR COMPANY WILL GO BANKRUPT IN NO TIME....-----I HAVE ALREADY POSTED THIS ON FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, TWITTER AND ALL OF THE PUBLIC SOCIAL NETWORK YOU CAN THINK OF------DONT GO THERE, DONT BUY FROM THEM BC ALL THE STORES ARE APPARENTLY OUTLET STORE!!!!!.....I am pretty sure you will comment back and say the same thing as the other 2 but just in a different way..." we are sorry blah blah blah....yall is not sorry because it hasnt happen to you...


We are sorry to hear the way you feel about our company. Mattress Firm strives to offer the best product from the most reputable manufacturers.

We offer a Happiness Guarantee where the customer can get money back if unsatisfied. the Happiness guarantee does not apply to outlet pieces.

Please contact our customer service deparment at 866-942-3551 for us to look into your situation.


We are sorry to hear the way you feel about our company. We strive to offer the best products to our customers. We have a Happiness Guarantee where you can get your money back if you are not satisfied. Our Happiness Guarantee does not apply to outlet pieces. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department at 866-942-3551 for us to be able to look into your situation.

Again, we are sorry for any misunderstanding and inconveniences you have experienced.

Customer Service/ Warranty Department

Mattress Firm, Inc

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