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In December 2016 I visited a MF Clearance store and was approached by a sales person. I explained to him that I had a neck and back injury and needed something that was soft which turned out to be needing a foam mattress.

I had it delivered to my home and it was the worst 4 weeks as they requested that I sleep on the bed for 30 days. I returned to the store and said this isn't it, it was because I was lying on trial "broken" in beds so it didn't feel right. I was encouraged to keep the mattress a couple of more weeks and then I for sure, went back and said, no. I cannot sleep on this.

At the end of January, 2017 when I tried to exchanged the first one out, the delivery men said they saw a faint spot on the mattress and refused to take it. I called the store and I was told to blot the stain out and they returned with the second mattress. Same thing, pain all day and night. I spoke with the area manager, Michael.

The area manager told me to go to another store and try out a different model which I did and it would be traded out. I had to upp hundreds of dollars for each one I returned. I even drove round trip 50 miles each way to the same store to work with the same salesperson. Once again, delivery came, said they saw a faint line on the mattress and refused to take it.

My salesperson is saying that there is nothing that he can do. I feel cheated and betrayed because I am stuck with a mattress that I have had for the required time they asked for. They wanted pristine condition of the item and I said but I sleep on it. How is a mattress, over 1 1/2 month old be in that shape?

Besides that, it had a sag on it which was one of the reason I was returning it. It was like I was rolling into the same spot all night. Stalling out on time where I am forced to keep this thing. The salesperson said that he cannot make the delivery company take the mattress back but the area manager assured me that they would, no questions asked.

I blotted the line, the delivery guys said they saw but miracles upon miracles, it wouldn't show up in the video they shot. I had my daughter "blot" the line they said they saw and it made it look as if it was cleaned spot. I am on first name basis with the salesperson and tired of trying to save his commission by passing up 8 to 10 locations to get to him and the excuses are causing more pain to not only my back but my posterior. I still have the mattress that I am unhappy with and nothing is being done, yet.

At this point, I am still being told that his hands are tied. I liken it to test driving a car for a 72 hours, not liking it and saying to me, well it only had 10 miles on it and you put 20 miles since then so no, we will not take the car back. What happened to the 72 hours without remorse? There are two MF within five miles of my home but I passed several more to go back and work with this.

I am tired. I have been asked to send another video to the store of the spot that is now bright. Why should I have to do anything? I am not a mattress store cleaner and they can steam this out, not me.

It was suggested that a topper may help so here I go, back to MF and expressed my dismay on getting this issue resolved. I left there with a $250.00 cooling gel 2.5 foam. This thing is not cooling anything. It has been six months and am constantly reminded that I got a "deal" on this.

It is not a deal if I have been complaining about it plus my 120 days is ending so the agent, Karen, with Social Care is suppose to call me tomorrow with a resolution . Meanwhile, the mattress is sliding off the adjustable base, the topper is rolling in a different direction where I have woken up in the middle of the night, sliding off the bed and fear for my safety. Every time the base was inclined, the sheets would pop off. I was told by no less that three sales personnel that they have the "same" one, whichever one I chose, at their house.

Really? The exact model? What a coincident that all of them had the same model, at different location with the same model that I had and that they love their unit. My, it's a small world.

It's called stalling for time so that I wouldn't be able to exchange it or if I decided to exchange it, I would have to go up a "tier" good, better and best and charged for delivery that they came out and deemed that it was unreturnable by the "expert" delivery guys. I will try and not insult them but an "expert" is being paid for making all their deliveries, not assessments. This has gone from decent to worse service. The salesperson has started to be "busy" when I call when each and every location is bare except for the one employee so please tell me how you are so busy and I can hear a tumbleweed rolling through the store?

Now this is 6 months of stalling. I have requested a new standard box spring but I will be stuck with the adjustable base. The mattress does not adjust, just the base and by the law of physics, you cannot take something that is flat and bend it to return to a flatten stage. It will still appear to be bent.

This mattress feels like a roll away bed with a crease that sags. I am angry with myself when I walked in there and there were no other customers, that I allowed a "soft" sale get to me because I was not aware that the floor models have probably been trial models for months and felt just right and got home with the worst bed I could have selected. Lastly, spending an additional $250.00 for a topper trying to work with them. When I returned the first mattress, I should have said that I will get back with them and went somewhere else.

I wake up with tingling and chronic pain everyday. Furthermore, if i went up in price for a different unit, I would get a store credit. Why in the world would I accept a store credit when now I see what I have gone through already?

Why didn't I do my homework regarding this company before I made a purchase when I told my salesperson my medical issue and although it was a "soft" sale did I listen to the guaranteed sleep happy? 6 months and I am not sleeping happy.

Review about: Mattress.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: a comp out queen box springs that will lay flat. the adjustable base is creating a crease in the mattress and unreturnable. i also bought a topper that was suggested for an additional 250.00. it has been six months with no resoulution. i'm not "sleep" hap.

I liked: Courtesy and friendliness of salesman, San antonio texas de zavala location, Marq.

I didn't like: Having to take over 6 months of back and forth, Sleep happy motto i am not happy.

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Dealing with The Mattress Firm is like dealing with a used car salesman in the seediest part of town. First, they charge you a ridiculous price for the bed.

Second, they extend you credit, then they go over the limit that they extended to you, which results in you paying a much higher interest rate and a penalty fee.

Third, they won't refund the box springs, only the mattress, and then they charge you several hundred dollars for pickup and restocking, so that you end up stuck with upwards of 25% of the cost of the bed even after the refund. Don't deal with them unless you have a lot of money to burn and are sure that you won't need a refund; otherwise, you *will* get ripped off.


No matter who you purchase a mattress from, stains void your warranty or trial period. It did sound like they tried helping in this situation by offering a credit to get something else. I would jump on that because even that is above what they are required to offer.


All of these comments sound like they are from Mattress Firm employees. MF has complaints all over the internet. Deceitful company.


But is was only a "little" bit of pi--s and sh-t!! ...

and my pi--s and sh-t don't stink!! My pi--s and sh-t is super nice!!


Funny how idiots think its okay to return a damaged pi--ed and sh-t stained mattress.

Would you purchase a pi--ed and sh-t stained mattress?


Your complaint has no merit. You went to a clearance center, which means its most likely an as-is floor model being purchased.

You keep staining the units and Mattress Firm is trying to accomodate you. But you seem very ungrateful and are looking at the half glass empty. They should wash their hands of you.

Tip: Keep your original receipt on any major ticket item.

Buy a mattress protector to avoid stains which may invalidate your warranty if you had one. Floor models DO NOT have manufacturer warranty. Comfort trial policies are set by the store.

they dont HAVE to exchange it. STOP STAINING YOUR MATTRESS!


Try returning a stained (fill in the blank) to any retailer and you likely receive the same response. Why do you believe any retailer should take back a stained product?

to Anonymous #1378000

Actually they do not tell consumers that mattresses are used at the outlet locations because if they did they could not sell used mattresses for 60 margin instead of 10 margin if they told the truth it's actually company policy to sell used mattresses as new.

to Ikeepitreal2017 #1447317

I am an exMF'r and I can assure you we were never told to pass used off as new. Only people I've ever heard say so are disgruntled ex-employees. Mattress firm has a lot that they can do better as far as customer service goes but your response is not true.

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