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We finally decided to upgrade our bed and were willing to spend decent money on a good one. We went to:

Mattress Firm Westheimer

in front of Randall's

2071 Westheimer Ste C

Houston, TX 77098

Our salesman was BOB and the manager is AMIR.

So we finally decided to go with the Tempurpedic Supreme Cloud with a total price tag of $3200. Not cheap by any means. We get the bed delivered at night so our bedroom is only lit by our end table lamps and is a bit dim. The delivery guys take it out of plastic and so you assume it's new. We were tired and put the sheets on. Luckily, I was not satisfied with the box spring. It was huge and made our bed look monstrous, so we called and they said they would deliver a smaller size. I undid the bed (we had only had it for 48 hours) and lo and behold, in the bright sunlight, I could see pilling on the mattress and then discovered cat hairs! We don't own any pets! I knew that pilling only should happen after heavy use. I went to look at the mattress tag and sure enough, underneath it is a bright yellow sticker which in part read: SECONDHAND (USED) ARTICLE! It even came from another company, Mattress Giant.

Bob made a big deal about how Mattress Firm is not like those "other guys" (Mattress Giant) and do things the right way. When my husband went to the store, the manager told him that Mattress Firm purchased Mattress Giant. What a big SCAM!

I am so disgusted that I slept on a USED mattress with cat hairs! I am highly allergic to cats! And not to mention that there could have been bed bugs dragged into my house. And for $3200!!! It's not like we bought a $99 queen set.

I will NEVER step foot in one of these places again and will tell this tale to anyone looking to buy a new bed. BUYER BEWARE! There are bad people out there waiting to take your hard earned money and stick it to you!!!

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I guess that's what their Sleep Happy guarantee buys you! That really is unbelievable!

John Harris
Houston, Texas, United States #607335

In response to "Are You Sure"

Surely you didn't read my whole statement because your comment is plain ridiculous. I know pet hair when I see it.

There were many hairs and they were shades of gray, black and white. I purchased a NEW mattress. Did you not see the USED TAG I posted? It doesn't matter if they were fibers, even if I know they were not, the fact remains, it was a USED mattress.

You must work for Mattress Firm.

to John Harris #612702

Uh oh, sounds like one of the stores inherited MG's old comfort exchanges and warranty returns.


Did ou have the hairs tested? Sounds more like stray fibers from the manufacturing plant.


We are sorry to hear the way you feel about our company. Mattress Firm strives to offer the best service possible for our customers. Our sugestion for you is to contact our customer service department at 866-942-3551 and allow us the opportunity to look into yur situation.

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