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Dont buy from them. They not only sold me a mattress but they even included bed bugs.

Bought my mattress in late November and have been getting eaten alive every night since. Tonight i pulled back my blankets and sure enough caught one and even took pictures of it. I have pictures of how badly i have been biten up. I called the and spoke to several people and getting no where with them.

These pictures are only some of them. I felt the need to keep my private parts of my body out of it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sleepys Mattress.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

I didn't like: Bed bugs.

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Ontario, Canada #1292237

Here we go they did it again. They did not delete MakeMyDay's posts where he said that you claimed that your parents died in a car accident.

However they did remove your posts telling them that it you never claimed that did not happen. But they did not remove your post where you said that one died in 2008, while the other died in 2012. In other words they only removed all posts to make you look like the bad guy, and Kevin look innocent. They have kept his lies where he claimed that he saw a post where you claimed your parents died in a car crash.

When you explained that you never made that post they deleted the posts, but not the ones where Kevin claimed you were lying. They do this all the time.

Notice how his claims you lied about your parents dying in a car crash are still there and you defending yourself is deleted. They do this all the time, make this user look good, and letter writers look bad.


There are two well known trolls on this thread: LadyScot and MakeMyDay2016. Both are miserable twits who cyberbully every letter writer on this site.

I think the two of them should get together in real life and go be miserable together.. just somewhere else other than here!!!!!!

to Anonymous Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States #1291503

Thank you. This writer has made my life so stressful.

I am not a liar, I am a business owner myself and to assume that my parents that have passed away my dad in 2008 and my mom in 2012 which I was very close to has been heartbreaking. I really appreciate you letting me know about these 2 writers. I have said all I am going to reply to him. He simply is just not worth my time of day.

We are older people and old school and it seems to me that that writer is the one who needs to learn some manors and do some checking on the companies reviews before verbally attacking me. I just want to thank you for giving me some peace of mind.

to Lbtrucking Fullerton, California, United States #1291669

You are a liar, you said that I work at Mattress-firm, and the retard that quoted you is only a little child that mistakes being told you are wrong as trolling and has admitted to preying on children. You are the one that needs to learn some manors.

Speaking of checking into customer complaints if you had done so, you would not have lied and said that I work for Mattress-firm. The only reason you are not replying back to me is because you are a liar. Your parents never taught you any better, and if they did they are rolling over in their graves in shame.

I thought you said that they both died in a car accident at the same time. Now you are changing your story and saying on died in 2008, and the other in 2012.

to MakeMyDay2016 #1292066

FACTS about Kevin AKA MakeMyDay2016 aka an untold number of other troll accounts: you have admitted to dropping out of school, you have admitted you are barely out of your teens, you have admitted that you were fired from Target because you sexually harassed female co-workers, you have admitted Walmart won't hire you, you have admitted you hate black people, handicapped people and people with mental retardation. You are obsessed with calling people liars, little children and telling them they need to get mommy's permission to post online.

You are obsessed with impersonating letter writers and making fake posts where you claim to beat your wife/girlfriend/children. You also are obsessed with child molestation.

You commit libel on this site every single day. You belong in jail where you cannot access the internet!

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1291670

You are mentally retarded if you mistake being told that you are wrong as trolling. Get off this site, this site is for adults.

Mommy and daddy should monitor you on this site. You should never troll about raping kids as you did on your other post.

to MakeMyDay2016 #1291676

I am not mentally retarded, and if you knew how to read you would see that I was only joking about being a predator. I was also only joking about being sexually abused by my parents.

However to stay on subject. I am just warning the OP about you and LadyScot. About how you like to attack everyone. As for the OP, yeah MakemyDay2016 is correct, I did make a fake review to Boy scouts about being fired for getting too friendly with the boys.

It was all a joke and the idiots of this site took it seriously and deleted it. I was getting troll posts from both makemyday and ladyscot. They were dumb enough to believe my review was true. I just thought I should say something since they have been attacking you as well.

I admit that pretending to be a sick pedobear was wrong, but I was bored at the time and wanted to get replies on my review. Instead I was called names by the two that think my review was real.

to Anonymous #1292068

The above is a classic example of Kevin AKA MakeMyDay2016 posting and then following up with a post pretending to be the letter writer. Notice how MakeMyDay2016's posting # is 1291670 and his response to himself is #1291676.

to Anonymous Ontario, Canada #1291682

Wrong, there is only one known twit who has like 50 accounts. I suspect that LadyScot, MakeMyDay2015, offpissedcustomer, hkitchener, kevinrichards, ruth and kevin, Irish, fistedface, thissitesucks, upsetatdennys and 50 other accounts are his.

This site is also poorly ran. It lets people bully others. You stand up to these bullies and your post gets deleted. You get banned, yet he is allowed to make 50 differences alias to harass others.

There is only one twit on this site, and he or she goes by all the names mentioned above and a few others that we don't know about. The two of them cannot get together because they are the same person. I think that four of the top five posters on this site are the same person. They are on 24/7 and always post negative remarks to people.

I have a feeling that they work for pissedconsumer and are making these ridiculous posts to get ratings, to keep their website active. I notice that if you complain about this website, they ban you. If you post anything negative about this site they ban you. If you make a complaint about this site they ban you.

Then they pretend to be customers who benefited from this website posting positive reviews. And Lbtrucking you are wrong. MakeMyDay2016 does not work for Mattress-firm.

He has admitted to dropping out of highschool and getting fired from Target for sexually harassing four women who all lied about it. I think if it were true he should be in jail, but since he was under 18 at the time he was not.

to Zack2001 #1291688

I never actually said he worked for that company but I am done with this site. It is rediculous.

I think the site is poorly ran as well. I have better things and more important things to do then to be bothered with this nonsense

to Lbtrucking Ontario, Canada #1291694

Yeah I know. I just want you to know that complaining to this site gets you banned, or does not allow your posts to be posted without approval. They won't do a thing about him and they are the ones posting these comments to get ratings.

to Lbtrucking Fullerton, California, United States #1291697

You said a week ago that I work for the company liar. Boy your parents trained you wrong.

You keep claiming you were taught right but that is not so. You lied when you said I work for Mattress-firm. You lied when you said you would not be replying to me. Guess what, five hours later you replied back.

You lied when you said that your parents died in a car crash, and then claimed they died four years apart. When I saw this you asked the people running the site to delete that post, or you could have deleted the post yourself since the two different stories about your parents death could prove you are a liar.

to Zack2001 Fullerton, California, United States #1291690

I am not your boyfriend ***. You and that other anonymous poster seems to think I am your boyfriend poster Kevin.

I never dropped out of highschool, or sexually harassed anyone at Target.

You must be thinking of your boyfriend Kevin. I don't know why you keep insisting that I am your boyfriend Kevin.

Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States #1290573

I just can not believe all this rampaging over one *** post. Let Me Say This first, If You Miss Under My Orginal COMENT To Yours About Working For sleepys, I AM SORRY.

You just seemed so on the defense on their behalf. So there I have said it if is what you were looking for. I never said you actually worked for them. My response was you must work for them.

But I retract that since that seems to be your trigger point. I am not a liar. I am a 53 year old woman who was in fact raised properly and to be respectful of others. I have lied about nothing and when sleepys stands behind their word of replacing the mattress which by the way is suppose to be the same exact one, not a more expensive one because I did not request that.

Nor did I request to be rembursed fot the exterminator. At Christmas time my 70 year old husband and sponsored 8 families for Christmas who other wise could not afford gifts or Christmas diner for their families. If you would like to see my parents grave site and all we had done over Christmas then feel free to let me know with your email address and I will forward you all the pictures.

Now I would appreciate if you would back off and stop harassing me over something that truly has nothing to do with you. Have a nice day

to Lbtrucking Fullerton, California, United States #1291288

Whether you said I work for them or not you cannot make ASSumptions about them. Besides you can show me any grave and claim it is your parents grave.

Your response was a lie. Your saying I work for them is not my trigger point. My trigger point is your childish ASSumption that when a person tells a customer that they are wrong that they work for the company. If you were raised properly as you claim you would not have made an ASSumption.

Grow up, just because someone tells you that you are wrong does not mean they work for the company.

When you made that ASSumption it just showed how immature and childish you are. You can dish abuse but apparently you cannot take what you dish.

to Lbtrucking #1291489

Don't waste your breath talking to MakeMyDay2016. He is a well-known troll here, who has been insulting letter writers for years.

Just click on his name and you will see how he insults people, no matter their complaint.

He also has about 50 registered accounts. He has been using the current one for a couple months so I imagine it's about time for him to invent a new name.


Sounds like that last person to comment got excaly what they deserved being so rude to someone that was doing nothing more the posting their experience with a company. Wow, wow is the only word I can find to describe their comments to someone and then to incenuate that their parents had not died, WOW is still all I can say. How rude this person is.

Fullerton, California, United States #1289857

You know what since you are writing about this maybe I should stoop to your childish level and ask when you got fired by mattress-firm. You are the one that is uneducated and should be taught a lesson.

Just think about it if you act your age and don't go around ASSume and lying about people working for a company your parents would not be rolling over in their graves in shame. They probably would not have taken their lives in the first place. Then again like you lied about me working for mattress-firm you could be lying about them being dead. Dead or alive if they even bothered to have you educated you would know how to do research before jumping to conclusions.

You would be able to click on my username and see that I am an active member of this site and have posted comments to many companies.

This does not mean I work for all them. Did you drop out of school, or were you in the special class and only graduate because of the no child left behind program.

Fullerton, California, United States #1289846

Nope it is not me that needs to be taught a lesson it is YOU that needs to be taught a lesson. To bad your parents did not teach you right from wrong while they were still alive.

It they did you would not even lie and say that I work for mattress-firm. If bothered to have you educated you would not ASSume that I work for mattress-firm, because I told you that you are wrong. Face it your parents were terrible parents, and they are better off dead. This way they cannot corrupt you even more.

Why should we believe that they are dead, after all you already lied when you said that I work for mattress-firm. If you lied about that how should we know that you are not lying about them being dead? If you are lying about them being death it it is very sick of you to lie about that. I seriously doubt with your lack of intelligence that you even own a company.

Clearly someone who would ASSume that just because a person tells them that they are wrong they work for the company is not smart enough to own their company. Since you lied when you said I work for them I am wondering if you are lying about working for the company. If your parents actually did teach you right from wrong they probably saw how horrible you turned out and killed themselves, and or are rolling over in their graves in shame. Disappointed in how you turned out.

You still did not address your lie in ASSuming I work for mattress-firm. Shows how immature you and how poorly you were raised.

Fullerton, California, United States #1289253

Nice try but most likely the bed bugs came from your home.

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