We bought a mattress from Mattress Source without knowing that they would soon be bought by Mattress Firm. It turned out that the bed we bought from Mattress Source killed my back. I have never had this experience with any mattress before -- later I looked on the receipt and saw that they had sold us a 2011 model and had not said anything. It was almost two years old when we got it.

Unable to sleep due to pain, we went to Mattress Firm and were told that we could get a refund but that we should wait 30 days. We even got the sales person's name and phone number.

When we returned to the store after 30 days we were told that we could not get a refund because we purchased the bed from Mattress Source. We could, however, get an exchange, for more money. We paid the extra money and got another mattress, which turned out to be way too hard.

No salesperson ever took the time to really find out what type of mattress would suit us best. Now we are stuck with a painful mattress and no other mattresses at the store are what we want.

Mattress Firm went back on their word.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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