Bought Queen Set online and was told that it would be delivered between 12 noon and 3 pm. I asked the sales associate how accurate it would be and who to call if if didnt show up. The associate said barring an unexpected snowfall (I live in Tampa FL) it should be delivered and set up prior to 3pm. So, I *** work to sit and wait. At 1:30 no matress so I called the appropriate number and after some persuasion the gent who took my call said that I was #7 of 7 deliveries for that truck and it should arrive within the hour. At 3:15 I called back. Another agent said that he would call the warehouse and check for me. 10 minutes later the driver called and said he was running behind and that he still had several stops to go to before me. I asked him why and he said and I quote "It's always like this sir. Everday!"

He then told me he would be here in another hour or 2. Right after I hung up the warehouse called to say that they were running late. I asked him how long had the truck been behind schedule and he said "all day". I asked him why he or someone else from MF didn't think to or bother to call earlier and let the people who were last in line know that the truck was late. He said and again I quote, "That's not how we do it". I could go on and on about this but I simply did the smart thing and CANCELLED my order and got a full refund. Matress Firm is clueless about how to treat customers. They lost a 2k sale because some knucklehead in dispatch didn't have the brains to make a common sense call to inform a customer that the time frame has shifted for whatever reason and ask if they should still come or would it be more convenient to reschedule.

Whatever.... There are lots of other Matress stores and one of them will benefit from MF's lack of consideration and HORRIBLE customer service.

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