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I spent over $4000 on the second most expensive tempurpedic mattress in the store.When we got the mattress, we noticed it has several old, dirty stains.

They mattress did not come in a box, and it did not have the new tempurpedic smell that everyone seems to know about. The stains did not come from the delivery process because they were hardly noticeable, which is even more disturbing. Mattress Firm clearly went to some lengths to try to clean the stains from the dirty old mattress. Mattress Firm assured me it was not a dirty mattress, although there is absolutely no other way to explain the deep old stains (of which I have attached photos).

The store has yet to refund me my money and is not answering the phone.Terrible company.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Arlington, Texas, United States #1332722

I am getting a bed delivered tomorrow from Mattress Firm. I wish i read this last week :(

Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States #1297904

Eeeew! Gross!

Special place in *** for these type of people!


Your story is highly suspect.

When a mattress is sold as a floor model or outlet, it is sold AS IS with no happiness guarantee of 120 days.

If it were new as you represent, you would have returned it for refund or demanded a replacement.

Blood, Sh------t, pisssssssssssss stains are guaranteed 100 percent of the time to VOID the manufacturers warranty.

You are a malingering liar.

to Anonymous #1331221

You work for mattress firm ? Want me to attach the channel 5 news in Nashville catching mattress firm on camera selling used beds as new. Some of us know the facts pal.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1156279

So many mattress stores are crooked. There are undercover news stories where the reporter as an employee recorded the most disgusting and illegal things then broke the story. Probably can find them on YouTube.


Or maybe you stained it and are trying to get them to take it back now.Lol.

Oldest trick in the book.You should have put a cover on it.


Your Warranty is already voided.........because it has a stain.........Just went thru this drama with this awful company and lost.........Tell me how a small stain compromises the mattress.........just a tool to screw the consumer........Thanks Mattress Firm for the Screwing......I got the last laugh on you I just spent my hard earned money for a new mattress at your competitor Sears.......As a company you should try to come to some resolution with your unhappy customers even if you would of let me down easy and said hey its not warrantied because of this but here's a $100 gift certificate or something please give us another try....remember the mattress cost $1000 it has about a 70% mark -up that's $700 profit $100 back is small price to pay for a happy customer .....*** no denied end of story.......better yet I had to give you a $25 inspectors fee to deny me......could told me on the phone all the things that deny the warranty and saved us all 4 weeks of grief. But ya had to screw me out of another $25......Wow.....Want be in business long mark my words....

Bedded Out
to RRRR Columbus, Georgia, United States #1144312

I went thru the same thing.Only thing I paid 13 hundred for my mattress and paid 35 dollars for my inspection.

I learned my lesson. Check everything before the delivery people leave. I ended up putting the mattress on the corner for garbage. This was truly a scam.

I also had to wait two months for the inspection.Bad people do live on earth too.

Quit your ***in
Denver, Colorado, United States #858137

First of all they don't come in a box at delivering.Second of all they have to disclose that you bought an old mattress.

Third of all he smell you are talking about is not a pleasant smell anyways... It is the gas releasing inside the material. To me it sounds like you are having buyers remorse.

It is sad you have to trash a good company in order to get your money back.They have policies in place that let you get your money back if you weren't satisfied.

Bedded Out
to Quit your ***in Columbus, Georgia, United States #1144317

You have no idea about what the situation is like.You don't know about the real situation.

Be smart.Shut up.

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