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I bought a mattress ($700) from the Mattress Firm Store and spent quite a bit of money. The $700 mattress ended up costing around $850 including delivery.

3 months later I have a sink hole in my new mattress. I was told since I was single that sleeping by myself would create that spot and I needed to rotate the mattress. After rotating every 3 months I now have several sink holes in my mattress. After reviewing my options for a replacement I was told I had to pay for someone to come out and inspect my mattress and I also have to pay for a delivery of the new one.

Why should I have to pay to have someone come and inspect their defective mattess and second why should I have to pay delivery AGAIN!

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Mattress Firm rips people off. It is not uncommon for them to sell a floor model or "returned" mattress as new.

Probably why you have sink holes.

I would also check for bedbugs. I had this problem in St. Louis

Mount Ivy, New York, United States #36587

This is to CRYS, You must work for Mattress Firm otherwise you would not want to spend another dime either after paying for a defective mattress. If a delivery is just a service offered they should get it right the first time around! The Manufacturer should absorb the inspection fee not the consumer!


the inspection fee is standard. if you went through the manufacturer you'd have to pay it.

it's mostly to protect the consumer.

a third party company is who inspects the mattress.

and its not required that you use delivery. its simply a service offered for your convenience.

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