Bought a queen size Tempurpedic Mattress and foundation. In 6 months the top of the foudation box had Collapsed. Contacted Mattress Firm for warranty replacement. told I had to go to their web site fill out a warranty form from a third party. Plus the third party wanted $25 for inspector to come out. It would take 4 to 6 weeks to process!!! So I am sitting here with a mattress laying inside the box to sleep on!!!

Got really PO at the saleman over the firm why couldn't they handle the warranty direct and not charge $25. That was company policy. Hung up on saleman then manager called. He could sell me a foundation box for $65!!!!. After I again got PO he told me to try contacting Tempurpedic direct.

Good new was that Tempurpedic took care of issue replacing the foundation plus they were going to install a middle support under the foundation box. At no charge and they were very courtesy and helpful.

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That's was a Tempur issue to begin with retailers are not allowed to handle Tempur warranties in house they must go through Tempur or it will void the Tempur warranty so they should have had you contact Tempur directly right away


Why do people always blame the store selling the product when it is the manufacturer who should be taking the blame? If people would stop getting pissed at the stupidest things and use their brains for once they could rectify such a simple problem before becoming irate at the wrong person.

Geez people! Quit blaming the folks who have no control over the quality.


Manufacturer is at fault so it's their duty to replace your box spring. You realize you paid Tempur to come out and inspect it.

Mattress Firm like every other company doesn't handle manufacturer warranty issues.

So your happy and only had to spend 25$ to fix everything and everything went just like the firm said it would.

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